Coaching and Mentoring

You wouldn’t expect an athlete to make it to the Olympic Games without a coach, would you? So why is it so many people try and “make it” in business without access to a good coach or mentor?


Coaching and mentoring, although different in their objectives and time frames, can both be very effective and efficient ways to fast track your personal performance / career development as well as your business’ success.


Having access to someone you can confide in, someone you can speak to about your challenges, ask the “silly” questions to or simply bounce ideas off of can pay huge dividends. Not only can it help you develop and improve your technical skill, but it can also help you grow in maturity and leadership.


De Stefano & Co Principal, Emilio De Stefano knows the benefit good coaches and mentors can have on your capability and your career progression, attributing much of his success to the coaches and mentors he has been fortunate enough to work with and have around him over the years.

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