De Stefano & Co offers a wide range of management consultancy services centred around helping to sustainably grow your organisation. Whether this be through developing capability in areas of your business you currently have little knowledge or expertise in, or through working on areas you believe too often take you away from the key areas you provide most value in, we aim to make your experience in your business a more fruitful one.


We can help you with the following:


Of particular interest to our defence industry clientele, we can also provide senior systems engineering and engineering management expertise. Should you wish to talk to our Principal about any of these services and how we can help you, please feel free to Contact Us at any time.

Business Development

Business development (BD) is an art in itself. When done well, it can significantly improve your revenue, diversify your revenue streams and improve your client’s experience with your company. Often mistaken as sales in many small to medium enterprises, BD is different, requiring a strategic approach, planning and a commitment to the medium to long term. A good BD strategy must also be aligned with the organisation’s business strategy and values. De Stefano & Co believes, capability and capacity aside - people, trust and relationships are at the core of any good BD strategy. De Stefano & Co can help whether you need help with the development of a new BD strategy, the execution of an existing BD strategy or you simply would like some coaching in areas such as how to run a successful client meeting or presentation.   

Business Development
Interim Management

Whether you’re looking for the right person to fill a senior vacancy for a short period of time or you have the need to fill a longer term part-time role, an experienced executive with the ability to jump in the deep end and learn quickly is vital. Finding this person, with the skills and experience who can jump in, “take the reins” and “run the show” isn’t too difficult. The challenge is finding that executive you can trust with your baby. That executive that exhibits high levels of emotional intelligence, that truly listens and has the capability to fulfil the requirements of the role without destroying all the good work you’ve done to create the culture you have. The last thing you want is to come back to a place where nobody wants to work. De Stefano & Co gets this and for that reason is purposely selective about who we will and won’t work with. Areas in which we can fill interim management positions include general management, engineering management, commercial management, financial management, business development, operations management and more.    

Interim Management
Finance Management

Understanding your Balance sheet, Profit and Loss (P&L) and Cash Flow statements is vitally important. On their own however, this fundamental trio is not enough. They’re a great way of “looking in the rear view mirror” and reviewing how your business has performed in the past. Unfortunately, they will tell you very little about what the future may hold for your business. Unlike your business’ past performance, its future performance is something you can influence if you take the necessary measures. This is where “looking forward” and forecasting becomes so vital. They say “cash is king”; the truth is there’s no place that this is more important than in a small to medium enterprise. In such companies, one of the most important and useful forecasts you can develop is the Cash Flow forecast. It can be the difference between the business that makes ends meet, gets through the tough patch and flourishes to the business that goes into administration. Other forecasts that are fundamental to enabling prudent financial control are the annual financial budget or P&L forecast and the Balance Sheet forecast. These are the basics required to sustainably grow any business and also help to give confidence to investors, banks, potential buyers and even your clients.      

Financial Management
Project Management

Whether you are rolling out a new organisational development initiative or delivering a new asset to the Commonwealth of Australia, from small projects through to large complex projects the core project management principles remain the same. Project initiation, thorough planning, experience in execution and control and understanding a particular project’s reporting requirements are all fundamental to a project’s success. To achieve the desired outcomes, one must understand the concepts of early and continuous stakeholder engagement, communication, change management, integrated cost and schedule control / Earned Value Management (EVM), risk management and more. On top of all these technical abilities, one should also have strong commercial acumen and a proven track record in leading cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams to success. De Stefano & Co Principal, Emilio De Stefano has managed projects with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars into the millions, all of varying complexities across a diverse range of industries. Backed by the successful completion of numerous post-graduate courses on this subject matter, you can be confident De Stefano & Co is well qualified to help your business with its project management challenges.  

Project Management