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Emilio interviewed by Chris Ilsley of 6PR Perth Tonight: Are we becoming more risk-averse?

Do you fear failure and lack the courage to speak up? Are you stuck in the 9 to 5 gig, struggling to move up the ranks?

No-one wants to regret the decisions they never made or look back on their life and regret not having given it a go. Growing up we’re told that you’re either born a risk-taker or you’re not, but this isn’t necessarily the case, and research backs it up. In fact, playing it safe could be the biggest risk of all. Risk-taking can be learned and strengthened as a key ability to progress your career.

Our willingness to take risk is just a combination of our self-belief, our knowledge and experience and our attitude towards failure and the good news is that it can be increased in five simple steps. Management Consultant, Entrepreneur and Defence Industry Expert Emilio De Stefano tells us more.

Credit: this interview with Chris Ilsley of 6PR Perth Tonight took place on 30 Oct 2018.

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