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Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grant

Would you like help accessing up to $1 million in grant funding for CapEx?


The Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority (SICP) Grant program aims to provide eligible Australian SMEs with up to $1 million for projects that align with Defence’s Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities.


This may include funding for:

  • Capital equipment (purchase, install, lease, commission, etc.)

  • Facility upgrades

  • Software, infrastructure and cyber security

  • Design, engineering and commissioning

  • Training, development and accreditations

The Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities include:

  • Collins Class submarine maintenance and technology upgrade

  • Continuous shipbuilding program (including rolling submarine acquisition)

  • Land combat vehicle and technology upgrade

  • Enhanced active and passive phased array radar capability

  • Combat clothing survivability and signature reduction technologies

  • Advanced signal processing capability in electronic warfare, cyber and information security, and signature management technologies and operations

  • Surveillance and intelligence data collection, analysis, dissemination and complex systems integration

  • Test, evaluation, certification and systems assurance

  • Munitions and small arms research, design, development and manufacture

  • Aerospace platform deep maintenance

  • Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Artificial Intelligence

  • Precision Guided Munitions, Hypersonic weapons, and Integrated Air and Missile Defence Systems

  • Space

  • Information Warfare and Cyber Capabilities

With $81.4 million available until 2025, grant applications will be competitive, and assessed and awarded based on three key merit criteria (outlined below). The grant amount awarded will be up to 50% of eligible project costs, with a minimum of $50,000 over a maximum grant period of 30 months.


Merit Criteria


To be competitive, applicants must score highly against all three of the merit criteria:

  • Merit criterion 1 – The extent to which your project will help you contribute to Defence’s Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities (view the fact sheet here)

  • Merit criterion 2 – Your capacity, capability and resources to deliver the project

  • Merit criterion 3 – The impact of grant funding.


Eligibility Criteria


To apply for a grant, your business must:

  • Have less than 200 employees

  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN), and be:

    • A company, incorporated in Australia, or

    • An incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust,

  • Provide evidence from your board (or CEO/equivalent) that the project is supported, that you can complete the project, and meet the costs of the project not covered by grant funding.

  • Provide an external Accountant Declaration that confirms you can fund your share of the project costs.


Get in touch with us to learn more about the SICP Grant Program or for help in pulling together a stand out application. Alternatively, read our SICP Client Success Story.

Why use De Stefano & Co?

As defence industry experts with over four decades of experience, we understand exactly what Defence means when they talk about building sovereign industrial capability. We can help you clearly articulate your company’s contribution to one or more of Defence’s ten Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities (a merit criterion which is extremely important to score highly on, given it is weighted 50 points out of the total 100 points).

We undertake detailed due diligence, free of charge, before we agree to take on any engagement. Unless your particular case stacks up and we believe in it, we won’t take it on. For this reason, we enjoy an unrivalled success rate in helping our clients win grant funds.

"De Stefano & Co took the time to develop a good understanding of my business and my strategy. I needed someone I could trust; someone who knew the defence industry, knew the scenario and could respond before the opportunity disappeared. There is so much more that I want to do and with the help of De Stefano & Co and the SICP Grant, I have taken a big step closer. The next phase will be to re-engineer European products here, eliminating the need for overseas imports altogether."
Zak Ilicic, Managing Director at Promet Valves Australia

If you’d like to talk to us about supporting your business in accessing a grant, please complete the form below, providing as much detail as possible about the grant program and your business need:

Thanks for getting in touch. We'll respond as soon as we can.

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