Tender Responses

Having the best technical solution, competitive pricing and a thorough understanding of your client’s needs are all important factors in preparing a winning tender submission. Unfortunately however, this is often not enough...


Gone are the days when the technical person that you dealt with on a regular basis ran the whole tender process. More often than not these days, the tender process is run by professional procurement personnel. Naturally, these personnel have different drivers to the technical person and score your tender response in a different way.


With extensive experience in “answering the exam question” across a diverse range of industries, the team at De Stefano & Co applies a holistic approach to tender development and response, thinking strategically about what it will take to land the job. We also ensure that client interaction and the incorporation of any feedback elicited throughout this process is at the core of our tender response strategy.

If you would like to partner with De Stefano & Co to ensure that your next tender response is accurate, well-presented and best positioned to give your business the highest likelihood of success, get in touch today.

“We brought Emilio in to assist us with leading the development of our commercial tender responses. Emilio’s knowledge, experience and attention to detail in this area are second to none. With Emilio's support, our tenders have reached a new level that we would not have been able to achieve on our own. Best of all, Emilio is a pleasure to work with. His network of business contacts, business insights and communication skills are first rate and have helped our business to achieve the outcomes we were after.”

Sean LePoidevin, Director & Co-Founder, Off-Grid Energy Australia

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