Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

Supplying to the defence sector or looking to start? Our experienced team can help you obtain your Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership.

It's fast becoming a requirement for suppliers of the defence sector to hold an appropriate level of DISP membership, depending on the goods or services you supply.


The team at De Stefano & Co offer an unrivalled understanding of the program, and are well-positioned to support your business in obtaining DISP membership.

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What is DISP?


The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) is a risk mitigation program that exists to protect the integrity of Australia's Defence capability. In an ever-evolving environment where the security of Defence's people, information, assets and infrastructure is vital, the program supports defence industry suppliers to:

  • Develop and maintain their responsibilities regarding security;

  • Establish good governance, systems and practices in order to mitigate risks; and

  • Safeguard sensitive information and assets in the supply chain.


Why is it important?


The Australian Department of Defence requires its suppliers to hold an appropriate level of DISP membership when they are:


  • Working on sensitive or classified information or assets;

  • Storing or transporting Defence weapons or explosive ordnance;

  • Providing security services for Defence bases and facilities; and/or

  • As a result of a Defence business requirement.


Whilst membership is not mandatory in all circumstances, it is highly recommended that those wanting to supply to the defence sector obtain a DISP membership. Having a DISP membership shows your commitment to the industry and is a great business development asset. It’s also becoming more common for Defence prime contractors to ask their suppliers for it.


How it works


After being revamped in April 2019, the new DISP offers four levels of industry membership, depending on the business requirements. A decision matrix is available to assist businesses to determine the appropriate level of membership they require, based on the four categories of Governance, Physical Security, Personnel Security and ICT/Cyber Security. De Stefano & Co can also help you to make this determination. The four levels of industry membership are:


  • Entry Level – Unclassified

  • Level 1 – Protected

  • Level 2 – Secret

  • Level 3 – Top Secret


It’s possible for a DISP member to hold different membership levels for different categories. For example, a DISP member may hold Level 2 membership for Governance and Personnel Security, but only Entry Level for Physical and ICT/Cyber Security.

Please note: Governance must always match or exceed the highest level of membership sought for any other category.


Eligibility Criteria


In order to obtain a DISP membership, businesses must:

  • Be registered as a legal business entity in Australia;

  • Be financially solvent;

  • Have a designated officer who can obtain an Australian security clearance in order to fulfil the role of a Chief Security Officer (CSO);

  • Have a designated officer who can fulfil the role of Security Officer (SO);

  • Complete a Foreign, Ownership, Control and Influence (FOCI) declaration which allows DISP managers to make informed decisions about potential security risks associated with their business; and

  • Not have any relationships with listed terrorist organisations, regimes subject to Australian sanctions laws, nor any persons and/or entities on DFAT’s Consolidated List.

Ongoing requirements


It’s important to note that after obtaining a DISP membership, there are ongoing requirements that will need to be met.



Whilst there are no costs associated with the DISP application process - or the certification and accreditation of facilities by Defence - there are usually costs associated with:

  • Implementing the required security measures for accreditation; and

  • Obtaining security clearances for personnel where necessary.


Businesses should only submit their applications once they meet all of the requirements for the DISP membership level they want to achieve.


How De Stefano & Co can help


If you are unsure of where to start, or would like our team to guide you through or manage the membership application process, get in touch today. De Stefano & Co can provide support in the following ways:


  • Expert guidance and advice

  • Detailed GAP Analysis (comparing where your business currently stands against the requirements of the DISP and providing a report with recommendations for closing any gaps)

  • Implementation support, including policy and procedure development, security awareness training/train the trainer and project management of the whole process

  • Ongoing DISP membership management and maintenance

Why use De Stefano & Co?

DISP was revamped in April 2019, making it easier for businesses to work with Defence. Not only were De Stefano & Co’s staff involved in aspects of the co-design of the new program with the Defence Security & Vetting Service (DS&VS) throughout 2018, but our team have been through the DISP membership application process in the past, and obtained it.

As such, De Stefano & Co’s team has an unrivalled understanding of the policy framework underpinning DISP. With this knowledge and experience, we believe we’re best placed to support businesses to achieve DISP membership with as little distraction to the business as possible.

If you’d like to talk to us about supporting your business to obtain a DISP membership, please complete the form below, and we'll respond as soon as possible:

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