If you're thinking about bringing a consultant into your business, it's definitely worthwhile hearing what others have to say about them. You want someone you can trust, someone that will deliver on their promises. Below is just a snapshot of some of the things our clients had to say about their experience of partnering with De Stefano & Co.  

"As we all know “cash is king” in any business. So when De Stefano & Co advised us of the potential to recoup some heavy expenses through EMDG grant funding we thought okay. When the De Stefano & Co team took us through the application, they basically held our hand the whole way through, and we were amazed by the value of the return.

We are working with them again on our DISP application, because we trust De Stefano & Co to deliver."

Michael Slattery, Business Development Manager at Rowlands Metalworks

"De Stefano & Co took the time to develop a good understanding of my business and my strategy. I needed someone I could trust; someone who knew the defence industry, knew the scenario and could respond before the opportunity disappeared. There is so much more that I want to do and with the help of De Stefano & Co and the SICP Grant, I have taken a big step closer. The next phase will be to re-engineer European products here, eliminating the need for overseas imports altogether."

Zak Ilicic, Managing Director at Promet Valves Australia

“It was a pleasure to work with Emilio. Although a relatively small project, the attention to detail was first class, and the communications and interaction was exactly at the right level. As expected by his credentials he has extensive knowledge of all aspect of “Management”, but he has the ability to work with you as opposed to telling you what is required and looks for alternative solutions. I have no hesitation in recommending
De Stefano & Co.”

Peter Richings, Director at MacTaggart Scott Australia

“We brought Emilio in to assist us with leading the development of our commercial tender responses. Emilio’s knowledge, experience and attention to detail in this area are second to none. With Emilio's support, our tenders have reached a new level that we would not have been able to achieve on our own. Best of all, Emilio is a pleasure to work with. His network of business contacts, business insights and communication skills are first rate and have helped our business to achieve the outcomes we were after.”

Sean LePoidevin, Director & Co-Founder at Off-Grid Energy Australia

I was first introduced to Emilio De Stefano on induction day at the South Australian Defence Industry Leadership Program coordinated by the Defence Teaming Center (DTC) early in 2011. Initially I wrongly presumed he was far too young and inexperienced to be taking part in a high level executive leadership program. His maturity and cool calm ability to inspire the whole team towards his ideas was always fascinating to watch to say the least. I think he is still blissfully unaware of his true ability even though he has a handle of how smart he really is.


Twelve months later he was spearheading Smart Fabrication’s ongoing growth into the Oil and Gas and more importantly the Defence Industry. With his move from BAE to Smart Fab he brought his big company knowledge into an SME with huge growth potential. He initiated many new concepts which not only enabled growth but inspired everyone to believe we could achieve so much more, including our customers and more importantly me. In 2015 Smart Fabrication won the award for Most Outstanding SME in the defence industry through the DTC. If not for Emilio’s ability to write an outstanding application for the award it would not have been achievable.


I have no hesitation in supporting and recommending Emilio for management consultancy work in any business looking for growth or looking to gain access into the vastly growing defence industry. He has not only the ability but the reputation and connections to make it all a reality."

Simon Kennedy, Managing Director at Smart Fabrication